Brazilian straightening

Brazilian straightening is more than just straightening, it is also a natural treatment that restores shine and strength to damaged hair.

French straightening

100% French smoothing means shine, hold and dazzling beauty based on diamond powder.

Tannin straightening

Tannin straightening (taninoplasty, enzymotherapy) is a new way to soften hair without damaging it thanks to products based on tannins and other 100% natural elements.

Japanese straightening

Japanese smoothing, also known as the Yuko system, belongs to the category of permanent smoothing (straightening).

Korean straightening

Korean straightening is an excellent solution to no longer have to worry about frizzy or curling hair. Korean smoothing is the little brother of Japanese smoothing because it is less aggressive.

Hair botox

Hair botox does not contain Botox and does not require injections! It is in fact a 100% natural treatment that rejuvenates the hair.

Different types of hair straightening

Discover in this article the different types of straightening and straightening, their characteristics and advantages.