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Please send your message to the email address above with the following information:

1. Your full name.
2. One or more photos of your hair.
3. Your telephone number.
4. Your complete address in Belgium for sending a sample by mail for an allergy test at home before the treatment.
5. You acknowledge that even though our treatments are 100% organic and suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women, you will still consult your gynecologist if applicable, showing them the list of ingredients in our products before starting the treatment. We are happy to provide this list upon request.
6. We do not perform straightening treatments on extremely damaged hair, such as elastic hair. These types of hair require a more appropriate treatment to avoid further damage.
7. Please inform us about any previous treatments you have had (with dates) at a salon or performed by yourself (coloring, bleaching, highlights, straightening, etc.).
8. Let us know which treatment you are interested in.
9. You understand that the treatment may not work (or be less effective) in certain rare cases, such as on hair that has been treated with henna, as henna coats the hair and prevents other treatments from adhering. Additionally, the treatment tends to work better on individuals who have had multiple previous straightening treatments. Each person is unique, and the treatment may be less effective depending on hormonal factors that can prevent the hair cuticles from opening and allowing product penetration.

Ps: We have removed our contact form due to some people receiving our messages in their spam folders.