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We were born in Europe. Based in the European capital, Hair Lissage is a company specializing in luxurious hair straightening that is easy to maintain on a daily basis, for reasonable prices.

We are specialized in hair smoothing and hair straightening. We believe that this discipline is very little mastered by hairdressing professionals and the results that follow are not very conclusive.

Unlike many other professional and even prestigious hairdressing salons, we only use the most original and expensive products to guarantee you an optimal result, yes you will understand that we only do real hair straightening. which endures.

Many hairdressing professionals are simply not specialized in hair straightening and do a lot of disaster, such as: using bad range products, omitting certain essential procedures such as clarifying shampoo before any straightening for reasons of economy , use extremely toxic products such as formalin, apply very little product in order to save more money, do very expeditious treatments, etc.

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What is Brazilian straightening?

More than just straightening, Brazilian smoothing is also a natural treatment that restores shine and strength to damaged hair.

What is French straightening?

What this French straightening 100% made in France promises is shine, hold and that fantastic silky feel.

What is tannin straightening?

Tannin straightening, taninoplasty, enzymotherapy is a new method to smooth hair without attacking it by using products based on tannins and other natural elements.