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Tannin smoothing enzymotherapy taninoplasty hair straightening in Brussels Belgium for women


Tanin straightening is a natural and safe hair treatment, invented by the same brand that revolutionized the world of Brazilian blowouts. This treatment will make your hair straight, soft, and shiny while nourishing and protecting it. Tanins, plant-based polyphenols, are obtained through the maceration of grape skins or the bark of certain trees. Tanin straightening is similar to Brazilian blowouts in terms of application method and durability but does not contain keratin, which can weigh down the hair. Tanin straightening, also known as "tanin straightening," "tanninoplasty," or "enzymatic therapy," is a natural solution to achieve smooth and silky hair without harmful chemicals.


Home treatment implementation, at the client's residence or in a hotel, all over Belgium. We speak French, English, and Dutch.

Our opinion

Tannin straightening is a protein straightening treatment, similar to the Indian and French methods, except that it is based on grape resin, which provides hair straightening ranging from 70% to 100%, depending on the individual. Its effect is considered almost permanent, with a duration ranging from 6 to 12 months, disregarding hair regrowth. It is a new generation of straightening treatment that we highly recommend if you desire straight hair. It offers more effective straightening than Brazilian blowouts while being as efficient as Japanese straightening, but without being as aggressive. This treatment is entirely organic and does not contain any chemical substances, making it gentler on the hair. Tannin straightening and enzymotherapy are similar; only a marketing difference sets them apart.

Difference in Treatment and Pricing

Have you ever been disappointed elsewhere, in other hair salons in Belgium? It's normal, and many clients have shared their feedback with us. Are you looking for the best treatment at the lowest price? That's not possible. You can find the best treatment or the cheapest one, but not both at the same time. If a treatment is cheaper and disappointing, you should consider the treatment duration, the quality of products and equipment, as well as the hairstylist's skills in their technique.

Not all treatments are equal because each hair salon has its own expertise, products of varying quality, and equipment, as well as its own ethics. You won't find any professional offering an identical service to ours because we exclusively specialize in this field and have received specific training. We regularly conduct market research to evolve and enhance our knowledge in this field. We perform numerous different steps for a single straightening treatment, which incurs higher costs and requires a greater investment of time. A garment from Primark doesn't have the same quality as a garment from Ralph Lauren. Similarly, a Brazilian blowout will never be the same in all salons.

Our advantages

We are passionate, specialized, trained, and certified in this field.
We take care to test all our products on a willing model or on my hairstylist partner before offering them to our clients, in order to best meet their requirements.
We accept all types of hair, including the most challenging ones such as Afro and kinky hair.
We perform a professional diagnosis to guide towards the appropriate and risk-free treatment. The client is informed about the procedures performed, the equipment used, the products and ingredients used, the pre-treatment instructions to be followed, and the post-treatment recommendations.
Sending an allergy test upon request for individuals with allergies or those seeking reassurance. This test includes the product and instructions delivered to your mailbox, allowing you to take all necessary precautions before treatment.
We use high-quality, 100% organic products, free of formaldehyde, compliant with the applicable laws of the Kingdom of Belgium, suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women, and children.
Meticulous strand-by-strand work.
Stimulating hair phototherapy to maximize results, promote hair growth, rebalance the scalp's pH for better hair health, and reactivate hair bulbs.
Use of the high-end hair repair mask with the hair botox, the most expensive on the market, K18, an intensive treatment that strengthens the hair fiber.
Use of a high-end protective spray before using the flat irons for maximum hair protection.
Use of a high-end serum to nourish and revitalize the hair, providing shine and softness.


pack cadeau

A complimentary pack including shampoo, conditioner, and hair serum, for approximately one month of use depending on usage.

We provide detailed documentation that is regularly updated. It will provide you with all the necessary information to prolong the effects of your treatment for as long as possible, along with numerous hair care and beauty tips and tricks.

We offer inclusive customer support for a duration of 3 months. Our team will be available to answer any questions, provide additional advice, and guide you throughout your hair care journey.


pack cadeau

Limited time promotional rates!

The rate is the same for all hair types: thick, curly, afro, etc.

On quote, because the price varies depending on the location and the treatment.

An invoice can be sent if you wish, so that you can possibly include it in your professional expenses.

Hair length

tableau des prix
  • Very Short Excluded
  • Short (A) 180€
  • Medium (B) 185€
  • Long (C) 190€
  • Very long (D) 195€
  • Very, very long Excluded


This price includes return travel, as well as preparation.
  • Brussels 15€
  • Outside of Brussels from. 25€

Ethics Charter

The sessions are conducted at home throughout Belgium, with respect and a positive atmosphere. We ensure that every place is kept clean after our visit and uphold the reputation and discretion of our clientele. We do not engage in any form of deviation, dishonesty, disrespect, or discrimination towards anyone, and we respect the ideas and opinions of all.