Tannin smoothing enzymotherapy in Brussels Belgium

Tannin smoothing enzymotherapy taninoplasty hair straightening in Brussels Belgium for women


We practice tannin smoothing & hair straightening treatment for women and men, taninoplasty, enzymotherapy at home in Brussels and throughout Belgium.

Tannin smoothing was invented by the same brand that invented Brazilian smoothing, in order to have a natural treatment that does not damage the hair and is safe for health. Tannin straightening will make your hair smooth, soft, shiny and will provide it with care to nourish and protect it. Tannins, for example, are polyphenols of plant origin obtained by maceration of grape skins or the bark of certain trees. Tannin smoothing is a smoothing close to Brazilian smoothing, in fact the method of application, as well as its durability, is similar. The difference is that there is no keratin, which smooths without weighing down the hair. You may find the terms tannin smoothing, tanninoplasty, and even enzyme therapy covering the same process with different marketing terms. Smoothing with tannin, taninoplasty, natural enzyme therapy without formalin is suitable for afro, frizzy, colored, damaged, fragile hair, for pregnant women and those who are breastfeeding, no health risk. Perfect for making an appointment in Brussels and Belgium for optimal smoothing and care that will nourish, heal, repair and protect your hair.

Hair type

Suitable for all hair types. For colored hair you will lose 1-2 shades of color. Always straighten first and then color.


About 6 months if the care given to the hair is respected according to our instructions.

Nos avantages

Made in Brazil, products from the brand that invented tannin smoothing.
Meticulous treatment on each step that lasts several hours.
We only use high-end products and we don't skimp on quantity.
Detailed documentation is sent to the client after each treatment to maintain the smoothing as long as possible.
Naturel, végan & non testé sur les animaux.
6 months of customer support included.
A serum as a gift after each treatment.


Hair length

Price chart
  • Short (A) 200€
  • Half-long (B) 230€
  • Long (C) 260€
  • Very long (D) 290€
  • Very very long Quotation


  • Brussels 20€
  • Outside of Brussels 30€


  • Treatment 3-4 hours


  • A special shampoo & conditioner pack to maintain any smoothing 70€
  • Discounted hair botox 70€

Code of ethics

The sessions are carried out at home everywhere in Belgium, with respect and good humor. We keep everything clean after our visit and preserve the reputation of our customers, as well as their discretion. We do not take part in any form of deviance, dishonesty, disrespect, discrimination towards anyone and respect the ideas and opinions of all. The specialist who performs the treatments is Raphaël, who is trained to carry out his work in a professional manner.