Which treatment to choose: hair smoothing or straightening?

Choose the Brazilian straightening if you want to have smooth, silky and nourished hair, because it also has a caring effect for your hair.

Choose the Tannin straightening, taninoplasty, enzymotherapy if you want to have the same effect but with a radically more natural treatment.

Choose the French straightening if you want to have a result superior to Brazilian smoothing, smoother and more durable.

Choose the Japanese straightening a.k.a Yuko System if you want to have a radical smoothing effect, Japanese smoothing is a hair straightening process and radically changes the structure of your hair.

Choose the Korean straightening if you want to have a less radical effect than Japanese smoothing, the Korean smoothing is also a hair straightening.

Choose the Hair botox if you especially want to take care of your hair while having a smoothing effect, this smoothing is above all a hair care, and it can (even recommended) be combined with all types of hair straightening, in order to revitalize them in depth after the heavy treatments they have undergone.

Differences between Brazilian, tannin, French hair smoothing & straightening treatment?

Brazilian straightening without formalin is the most popular straightening, it still contains chemical components.

Tannin smoothing, taninoplasty, enzymotherapy is a 100% natural Brazilian smoothing, devoid of any chemical substances.

The French smoothing is 100% natural and the only one containing diamonds, it promises results superior to Brazilian smoothing and tannin, with a smoother and shinier effect, softer hair, for a more lasting effect.

What is hair botox used for and what are its benefits?

The hair botox tenfold all the effects of any straightening, it brings more shine, softness, with a greater smoothing effect, it repairs and nourishes the hair better than any of the others products on the market, it is called botox because it rejuvenates the hair.

Differences between Japanese and Korean hair smoothing & straightening treatment?

Korean smoothing is like Japanese smoothing except that it is much less aggressive, it is between a Brazilian smoothing and a Japanese smoothing.

Smoothing Luxter, American, Lebanese, Indonesian, ... ?

The American smoothing is quite simply a less concentrated Brazilian smoothing.
The Luxter smoothing is above all a hair care treatment rather than a smoothing.
Lebanese smoothing, Indonesian smoothing and others can also be used, but rarely in salons known for their seriousness.