Indian hair smoothing in Brussels Belgium

Description Advantages Prices Caution
natural vegan Indian smoothing hair straightening in Brussels Belgium for women

What is Indian hair smoothing? 🤷

We practice keratin Indian natural vegan smoothing & hair straightening treatment for women and men, at home in Brussels and throughout Belgium, ideal for afro, colored, frizzy and damaged hair, suitable for pregnant women, those who are breastfeeding and adolescents under the agreement of their parents.

Indian Straightening: Indian Straightening is a complete hair treatment that offers many benefits for your hair. In addition to straightening and moisturizing your hair, it will also slow down hair loss and eliminate dandruff thanks to the use of nourishing Indian oils.

Our Indian straightening treatment is rich in keratin and contains many Indian-origin ingredients such as amla oil and castor oil. These ingredients are known for their fortifying and nourishing properties, which will leave your hair resplendent with vigor.

By using our Indian straightening treatment, you will not only get straight and moisturized hair but also improve its overall health. The treatment will strengthen your hair, protect it against hair loss and dandruff, and give it a radiant shine.

We specialize in high-end hair care, and we use only superior quality products for all our treatments. Our Indian straightening treatment is suitable for all hair types, whether they are kinky, curly, or straight.

Do not hesitate to contact us to make an appointment in Brussels or Belgium and enjoy our high-quality Indian straightening treatment. We will be delighted to offer you an exceptional hair treatment that will leave your hair radiant with health and beauty.

Hair type 👩

Suitable for all hair types. For colored hair you will lose 1-2 shades of color. Always straighten first and then color.

Duration 🕑

About 6 months if the care given to the hair is respected according to our instructions.

Our advantages 🤩

New technology! High definition nanomolecular treatment. Straightens the hair much longer than a classic straightening. Better softness, shine, suppleness, radiance. Hair nourished, cared for, smoothed!
Hair botox treatment included in this treatment!
Made in Brazil.
Meticulous treatment on each step that lasts several hours.
We only use high-end products and we don't skimp on quantity.
Detailed documentation is sent to the client after each treatment to maintain the smoothing as long as possible.
Naturel, végan & non testé sur les animaux.
6 months of customer support included.

Hair botox straightening treatment is included free of charge in this treatment 👌

Hair botox is offered with your next smoothing. This botox is 100% natural, we call it botox, because it rejuvenates your hair like cosmetic surgery that rejuvenates the face. In fact, it increases tenfold all the effects of smoothing. It is the best hair fiber repairer. It gives unequaled shine and softness. It enhances the natural color of the hair, which is perfect for dull hair. It will make them super smooth and silky! Even if botox is offered, it is still a high-end product.

Caution 😇

We don't use any expired products, which is common practice in the industry, ask anyone, even the big French company Kerintense knows that.
We do not use any bad range products, made in China or the Maghreb (without criticizing these beautiful countries), which is common in the industry. Only high-end products from professional and reputable brands. As a result, we have no commissions or margins on the products we use and refuse all requests for partnership from dubious companies who contact us to promote their cheap products.
We do not save on the quantity of the product unlike the others who will serve a small hazelnut.
We carry out rigorous wick to wick work that lasts for hours, unlike others who do shoddy work in less than an hour.
We do not make any touch-ups on the roots for smoothing. The hairdresser who asks you for touch-ups on the roots wants you to come to him as much as possible in order to spend. Only a straightening like the Japanese one requires a touch-up on the root, because it is a straightening that lasts an entire year, and again, it is quite possible to do without it.
We strive to bring you a result that lasts between 6 and 8 months. Unlike others who give results that fade after a month and a half.
We have prepared detailed post-treatment maintenance documentation so that the client can prolong their result. Unlike competitors who will omit good advice so that the client has a result that lasts a short time to come back as much as possible.
Unlike others, we accept all hair types, including afros, frizzy, the most difficult, colored, fragile, damaged hair and we also accept men.

Prices 🏷️

Hair length

Price chart
  • Short (A) 200€
  • Half-long (B) 220€
  • Long (C) 240€
  • Very long (D) 260€
  • Very very long Quotation


  • Brussels 20€
  • Outside of Brussels from 20€


  • OFFERED: Smoothing shampoo + nourishing mask that restores PH + serum. 0€

Code of ethics 😊

The sessions are carried out at home everywhere in Belgium, with respect and good humor. We keep everything clean after our visit and preserve the reputation of our customers, as well as their discretion. We do not take part in any form of deviance, dishonesty, disrespect, discrimination towards anyone and respect the ideas and opinions of all. The specialist who performs the treatments is Raphaël, who is trained to carry out his work in a professional manner.